Standing Zen

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Here is a small summation of last Saturday’s activities that I would like to share using an interesting reference on a particular Japanese master’s understanding of Ki. The instructors are invited to make corrections if necessary to this short essay; I am doing this to not inform all members but to also keep up good scholarly practice.

We utilized “Te Hodoki” principles to escape from an opponent and enter into a counter technique–“Oh Gyaku.”

However, prior to this, we were instructed to perform a type of “Standing Zen” exercise to guide us on how to focus on the basic principles of “Ki.”

Principles of Ki, are inward or in otherwards, implying that “When one comes into contact with an opponent, one’s body must be able to move with complete freedom.”  “Standing Zen calms the nerves, sharpens the perceptions, and regulates the breathing.”

Referencing – [Sawai, Kenichi.  Taikiken (or Taiki Kenpou). The Essence of Kung-Fu.  Modified on: 25 January 2011.  Taikiken org., 2002-2011.  Accessed by Shawn (Student in current attendance at Haruka Dojo), 7 June 2011.  (


Author: Shawn Cooper


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